Review by planetFear
Monday 4th June 2007

I purchased my VE 25 over a year ago and it has lived up to its reputation as the benchmark for the 4 season expedition tent. Mine has survived 40mph winds and hammering rain at the Sligachan campsite (when other tents were destroyed), a week hiking round the cairngorms in the winter and I also relied on it for sitting out a snow storm in the Spanish Sierra Nevada at 3000m! The tent is completely "bomber" although it recently lost a fight against a fox as it ripped through the outer and inner to get at our food- these Spanish foxes are keen. The only problem I have ever had has been with the groundsheet- it seems to let water through it- a shame when the rest of the tent is so top spec'. I would recommend buying a footprint with this tent to prolong the life of the groundsheet and also keep the water out. Also when camping near foxes put all your food in a waterproof sac in the middle of the tent!!!

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