Thor 2P

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Monday 21st May 2007

Well, what a piece of kit. I recently purchased this 2 man, geodesic, bombproof monster from planetFear and was immediately impressed. But, named after the Norse God of Thunder, it was bound to be something special. In summary it is the best of both worlds, lightweight and robust. Weighing in at 3.80kg this is not the lightest tent on the market by a long shot. As a note on the side, the manufacturer says you can decrease the weight to 3.40kg.

Okay, so it’s a bit heavy, but if you consider what you’re getting it’s incredibly lightweight. It has 6 DAC Featherlite SL 9mm diameter poles, a porch easily large enough for two 70litre backpacks and a sleeping area measuring 145cm by 240cm. In my opinion, the list of features easily justifies the weight. Who wants an ultra light 1kg tent when you have to sleep on top of your best mate, and have no porch to keep your gear dry? On top of that, the Thor beats its equivalents from other brands by 500 grams! The Marmot Thor 2P is the tent for people who appreciate sensible, reliable and lightweight kit. And it’s orange too!

I haven’t yet told you what it’s like in practice, so here goes. I decided to give it a test run on my DofE Gold practice expedition in the Yorkshire Dales this April. Despite the fact it has six poles, I managed to pitch it quicker than my friends with a 2 pole tent. The only downside in my view is the fact that it pitches inner first; it’s easy to forget this though when you appreciate its other strengths.

We easily managed to fit all our kit in the porch with enough room to get into the tent. Once inside the tent there was loads of room. Incidentally in an emergency situation, you could easily fit a third person in without too much compromise to comfort. There are no guy lines to trip up on and it has nice fluorescent bits that my Ion headtorch can pick out from 200m away, useful when wild camping.

So how bombproof is it then exactly? This tent has been put through wind tunnels in testing, but how is it in the field? Can it stand up against the likes of the canvas Force 10s still used at Everest base camps to this day? Well, on our last night we were staying on a commercial campsite in Kettlewell alongside all the party campers as it was the bank holiday. That night we experienced some very severe gales. It saddens me to say that some tents were destroyed and a few trees blew over. But I didn’t really see what all the fuss was about. In conclusion this tent is very bombproof.

To explain how good this tent was in this situation, I must use an analogy. Using this tent in April in the Yorkshire Dales would be like driving a Range Rover in Chelsea. It is comfortable, attractive, adaptable and muscular but not at all out of place. This tent is a 5 star hotel room anywhere in the world you choose to pitch it, an accolade few tents in the world can stand up to.

Ditch the fibreglass poles and the polyethylene groundsheet and invest in a quality product that is sure to stand up to whatever you choose to throw at it.


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