The North Face Backtrack 50

Review by planetFear
Friday 7th September 2007

The North Face Backtrack 50 is a robust ‘carryall’ with an un-clippable, smaller backpack for day trips.

Basically if you don’t like the general appeal of The North Face, then you probably aren’t going to like this either – with millions of straps and clips it might even be too much for someone with a fetish for them! That aside, it still is a great travel pack, yet a little on the heavy side for those short breaks. It’s not the kind of bag you can lug around forever but is a darn lot lighter than a massive suitcase most people take on their summer holidays to Tenerife.

The construction is solid with great ‘no-break’ zippers and buckles that you know won’t snap if it gets thrown about on the airport runway by a man in a reflective luminescent orange suit. No messing there; and also the ripstop fabric makes it virtually bombproof for those rougher, tougher adventures.

The pack has two parts: the first if the main 50L pack and the other as a 13L daypack that clips to the front can be easily unhooked in a matter of seconds. The main pack has a zip-away pocket for the bulky arm straps for stowaway storage and a handy rain cover when you are caught up a mountain without a waterproof liner! The bottle holders on the side are great for that thirsty break and straps galore for mugs, shoes and the like, so you won’t lose any of your possessions.

The durable hard back of the larger bag makes is great to sit on when you are waiting in a queue and it’s got tonnes of space in separate sections so all your clothes don’t get mish-mashed in your bag.

I would recommend this bag for any high flyers and trekkers in Europe, although it is rather heavy and clunky for a complete travel bag. For those who don’t have the TNF love, it’s probably not for you, but I like it and will travel endlessly with it.

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