Quantum 400

Review by planetFear
Friday 12th January 2007

Only ever want to buy one sleeping bag? Then this is the bag for you. Lets face it most of us have no desire to sleep in the sort of places where condensation freezes inside your tent. Few of us really need to save an extra 200g so we can get to an over night camp early and sit in the cold for 15 hours. What I want out of a sleeping bag is something that keeps me warm, not cold and certainly not too hot. I expect most people are the same. I want a sleeping bag I can take camping and still be warm when the dew freezes. I want a sleeping bag that I can use as a duvet when crashing at a mates house. It needs to have a zip so I can keep my feet cool when staying in alpine huts. It still needs to be light because I hate carrying big rucksacks. Ideally it would pack down small so I can put it into a day sack and use it to snuggle into on overnight bus & ferry journeys.

The quantum 400 does all of the above, unfortunately I bought 2 other sleeping bags to before I decided what I really wanted. I have an ultra light weight mountain marathon sleeping bag. It is great for racing, but it's lack of zip and warmth is a big hinderence. My 750g bag is great for going winter climbing, but I decided that I just don't like being that cold and scared.

This is the only bag I ever carry now, my only problem with it is that my girlfriend keeps borrowing it. If you are just a regular outdoor enthusiast who is happy to leave "extreme" to the folks in the magazines, and you only want to ever buy one sleeping bag. The Quantum 400 is it.

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