Patagonia Shelter Stone

Review by Jonathan Woods
Thursday 18th September 2008



Patagonia's new Shelter Stone

What a great summer to test a new waterproof from Patagonia! This is a tough and stylish-looking jacket designed for non-technical activities such as skiing, walking, and basic mountaineering. It feels easy to wear; all the pockets have waterproof zips and are in the right places. The cut is well proportioned and the sizing is generous. The H2No fabric (read more on Patagonia's website here) keeps you dry and is very breathable - even when you realise after 10 minutes of walking uphill  that you didn’t need to wear that extra layer underneath.

The hood is very roomy, as it is designed to be worn over a helmet if necessary. However, lack of a wired peak leaves it feeling quite flimsy and the drawcord adjustment for the hood takes some time to work out. This can be frustrating when trying to adjust it with the jacket on, although if it gets too much, the whole thing can be easily rolled away.

As the company describe, the cuffs secure with "supple die-cut Velcro tabs", but these are if anything slightly too light and flexible, and as a consequence tend to flap about when not clinched up.

Overall though, this is a great jacket which keeps you very dry, and, when it stops doing that, can be recycled through the Patagonia Common Threads programme. (You can read more on this at


- by Jonathan Woods -

Michael Woods Associates Ecological Consultants


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