OZ Q Pullover

Review by planetFear
Tuesday 10th April 2007

Quite simply the best waterproof smock that I have ever used.

The Haglofs Oz Pullover won the prestigious Gold Award from the European Outdoor Group and it’s not hard to see why. It’s everything that a waterproof smock should be; light, simple and no nonsense.

So far I’ve used an Oz Pullover for a 3 day mountain marathon and for 2 weeks climbing in Yosemite. From a climbing point of view it was excellent because of its low weight and minimal bulk which meant I could stuff it into a sack for the day and be reassured that I had a waterproof top should the weather turn nasty. My only gripe would be that the inside seam of the arms seemed to be a little short, which meant I couldn’t actually climb with my thumbs in the thumb loops.

Whilst competing in the 2007 GL3D I again found that the low weight and bulk of the Oz was perfect for just stuffing it into your bag and forgetting about. Over the 3 days of the event I did experience some pretty foul weather and the Oz performed 100% keeping me dry and showing high levels of breathability.  In fact because of these factors I decided not to bring my normal Pertex windproof top and rely on the Oz as both my windproof and waterproof. Normally I wouldn’t do this as I’d overheat if using a waterproof as a windproof but the Oz didn’t give me this problem. Only two gripes from a running point of view; firstly the chest pocket, which simply isn’t needed for a lightweight smock… I’ll be cutting mine off! Secondly there is no tab for securing the hood, which is a bit irritating once the wind starts blowing it around. Talking of the hood though, it has an innovative design for compressing the volume, which although it looks like an angels halo works well in practice.

Overall, my negative comments are minor and the Oz is defiantly the best (by a long way) of the lightweight waterproof smocks out there. I predict it’ll be the waterproof of choice for adventure racers and mountain marathon competitors for the foreseeable future.

175g for a mens large!

Below: Me and my Oz in action at the top of Half Dome, Yosemite.

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