OMM Waist Pouch 3 Litre

Review by planetFear
Wednesday 4th April 2007

I have used, and lost, several Bumbags over the years.  They have varied from the Rock+Run fellrunners favourite to a sturdy 5 litre Lowealpine model (mesa-runner??).  The latter was lost over a Lakes weekend, and the former was just too small for what I had planned for it, so I needed something new…

Enter the new OMM Waist Pouch 3 litre. The info on the OMM website states the weight as 150g, I measured it as 138g, without even chopping things off: zip tabs, excess belt webbing etc – result!  One of the nice features is the little elasticated pockets on either side.  They are perfect for Jellybaby size snacks on the move: No more fumbling with zips.

So far I have only had one outing with the OMM, this was the Edale Skyline Fell Race last month.  Those who did it will tell you the conditions were absolutely atrocious; it was a true test for any outdoor kit!  So what can I say: I successfully ate Jellybabys on the move without slowing down or dropping any in the gale-force hailsnow storm; it held all the required kit for a long race in the hills, the kit even stayed dry.  Like all new ripstop nylon the slippery coating that makes the water ‘bead’ off will eventually wear out, hopefully the white PU coating will stand the test of time and continue to be weatherproof; it didn’t move around at all when running and was very comfy.

After packing the bag with kit for the race there was no room for a 500ml waterbottle, which I usually carry on longer races. I’m sure with a neater packing this would be possible, however, a Goretex jacket, waterproof bottoms, map, compass, whistle hat and gloves went in with ease.

My only niggle is that you cannot compress the kit inside because of the lack of side-compression straps, this is not a problem though if you pack it full.


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