Nike Kutu Trail Runners

Review by planetFear
Thursday 5th April 2007

I’m a shoe tart! I freely admit it. Anybody entering my house are usually shockedsurprised at the number and variety of shoes myself and my Wife own. We have shoes for almost every sport and occasion: Cycling, running, climbing, walking and obviously, fashion.

On my half-yearly visit to purchaseblag a new pair of road shoes, I spied these little beauties; Nike Kutu. Not having a pair of true trail shoes; I bought them.

So far the Kutu’s have joined me on several trail runs and an Orienteering race around a city centre park.  They were comfy straight out of the box; in fact the first outing was the Orienteering race.  It was fairly dry so they gripped well over grass and the occasional, ahem, flower bed (nobody told me they were out of bounds).  Around Rivelin was a different story…

I get a lot of running done around Rivelin in the light evenings.  I don’t really ever wear full-on fell shoes for these runs as the routes are more often than not on along fairly well drained trails, so road shoes suffice.  I have started to explore a little more, with regular excursions through fields. The fields are well trodden by cows, so you end up trudging through some fairly juicy sections of god knows what.  So far they have coped well in all but the sloppiest of climbs, where nothing short of crampons would aid stable movement. They clog pretty quickly which renders the grips useless, but as soon as you get on the hard stuff again; they clear fine.

If you are after waterproof shoes – forget these.  They are fairly open weave (like an average road shoe, but with harder wearing mesh), so you get wet feet pretty early on.  On the flipside, your feet stay cool and don’t get waterlogged.  The lacing can be done up nice and tight, so movement is limited on rough ground.  They have the renowned air sole that makes all Nike running shoes a really comfy ride.

Overall I’m pleased I bought them.  Aside from the fact they could do with a slightly deep grip they certainly have a place in my shoe rack, well, as soon I throw some away to make some room…


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