Mountain Hardware Featherweight Transition Jacket

Review by planetFear
Sunday 13th January 2008

The Featherweight Transition jacket from Mountain Hardware is the little brother of the Transition Jacket. The principle difference being that the Featherweight Transition has no hood and does not have taped seams. Both jackets are made from GoreWindstopper N2S fabric.

First of all, I need to explain that the N2S fabric isn’t like the standard, heavy, cardboard fabric found in cheaper Windstopper products. It’s a soft, thin and breathable fabric, which as the name suggests (Next 2 Skin or N2S) is comfortable against the skin.

The jacket is close fitting and sealed with lycra hems and cuffs (including thumb loops) that help maintain a microclimate next to the skin. This microclimate helps drive next to the skin moisture out through the fabric. The Featherweight Transition does not have taped seams so it offers increased breathability but less weather protection.

For an example of the difference in use, the planetFear High Peak Marathon team (which included me) used the Transition Jacket for this tough over night, winter race in 2007. However, when I wanted to go for short, fast run on a foul wintry day last week, I chose to use the Featherweight Transition jacket as it offered increased breathability but still kept the showers off and the wind out.

As with the Transition Jacket, the Featherweight Transition is cut for an athletic fit and is clearly designed for the most active of outdoor users. It also has a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish.

The Featherweight Transition features three pockets with hidden micro zips. There are two standard hand warmer pockets on the front of the jacket and a third pocket on the reverse, above your bum.

Another great jacket that I can’t find any fault with.

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