Moon Mansouka Women's Hoody

Review by Sarah Stirling
Monday 9th February 2009

Moon Climbing's Mansouka Hoody (RRP: ₤35)

“Us girls seem to like climbing in hoodies,” says Katherine Schirrmacher, who is sponsored by Moon. “Ben noticed this and came up with a design. This hoody is a definite favourite of mine, I guess as much as anything I had something to do with the design of it. It’s bright (my one is red), comfortable and I like the understated white circles inside the hood. It’s not overly baggy, meaning it’s got a styled fit, but it is still warm for cold days bouldering.”

The Mansouka hoody is also my favourite sweater-fabric hoody – it’s the one I always reach for before heading outside. Mine is dark green, so there are options if you’re more into earthy colours than bold ones.

The main good feature of the hoody is the cut: it is fitted around the hips, and allows for more movement through the shoulders and arms, which is great for climbing. It has a very clean cut and a flattering shape.

The next best thing, in my opinion, is the pocket: a subtle heart shaped zip pocket offset to one side is big enough to hold your keys and is much more practical and gives cleaner lines than a big, baggy front pocket.

And finally, the hood is brilliant – it has a built in collar to keep you warm in there, and a subtle circles print around the inside hem.

Verdict: Brilliant casual climbing hoody

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