Montane Antifreeze Jacket

Review by planetFear
Monday 12th January 2009

The Montane Antifreeze Men's Jacket 

PlanetFear used Montane's well-named Antifreeze Jacket in an usually cold Kalymnos over Christmas, where it proved to be the perfect winter belaying shroud and an impressively light and portable insulating layer for chilly mountain hikes.   As soon as we placed the Antifreeze (RRP £140) against its main competition from rival brands in the £130 - £180 price band, we were astonished at the value for money it represents, being lighter and warmer than many similar but more expensive products.   

The awesome weight / warmth ratio of the Antifreeze is partly due to the exotic stuff Montane have packed inside it, which sounds like a cross between something on Gordon Ramsay's menu and an out-take from Bladerunner:  "93% 800+ fill power wild Ukrainian goose down". Get that?

The second and equally important feature that keeps the Antifreeze so warm yet light is the highly wind-and-shower-proof shell fabric, which Montane claim is marginally waterproof (although planetFear would draw a clear line between garments which are actually waterproof and those which are just very shower-proof, like this one).  

Finally, we should also point out that we found the cut and finish of the Antifreeze almost perfect, right down to subtle details such as the location of the twin velcro fastening tabs on the cuffs, and the cosy microfleece lining on the front of the collar.

In summary, if you're looking for a very light yet extremely warm insulating layer for the cold months, the Antifreeze should be near the top of the list of products to consider.

The Montane Antifreeze Women's Jacket



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