Merrell Chameleon II Kahuna

Review by planetFear
Tuesday 26th June 2007

On first viewing of the sandals, I loved them. The ‘desert’ style upper is made from pigskin (unfortunately unlike the Chameleon Convertible these aren’t vegan friendly!) and looks great whilst being very hardwearing.

As an overview, the sandals were extremely comfortable and have been designed for the occasional rocky off-road walk and the basic sandy trekking, which is what I found them to be good at. 

As soon as I put them on my feet, they felt great with the neoprene and spandex lining allowing the whole sandal to mould to my feet.  At first, this was a bit like wearing a wet suit shoe, but as time went on I found it kept my feet flat on the Air Cushioned® sole for maximum control of movement, unlike the flip flops I’ve been using recently!  Another genius feature is the antibacterial treatment on the sole which makes them less smelly when you’ve been wearing them for days.  I did actually notice, compared to my last walking sandals, that they kept odour at bay for a whole lot longer – which is great when you have to share a tent with someone other than just you and your feet.

Easy strapping and extra clips make it easy to put on and take off whenever you want, perfect if you get a stone under your foot and quickly need to shake it out. 

I’ve been wearing these in the wet June weather (Yes June! – can you believe it?!), and they have got quick drying potential and very lightweight fabrics. 

Out on the town, the sandals are perfect in the sun or the rain and I was surprised that my feet never got any red raw patches or any signs of rubbing from the straps or heel – must be a good thing for longer hikes too!  Even the dash between pubs in the rain has been a comfy experience with my feet fitting snugly to the ergonomically designed DeepDish™ footbed. 

The Octogrip™ tread and Vibram® sole is designed for a mixture of terrain usage and I’ve found them great for grip even on wet grass, sticky mud and slippery rock out in the Peak (in fact they cope better than some fell shoes I’ve worn in the past!). 

The retail price for these shoes is £55, a solid price for a comfortable, grippy, all-terrain sandal that won’t let you down.


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