Merrell Chameleon II Clip

Review by planetFear
Friday 22nd June 2007

The womens Merrell Chameleon II Clip are a nice looking, comfortable pair of sandals, designed for ‘hard core use’. They felt great from the first time I wore them. I found them easy to adjust, and very stable. I have worn them on easy and more rugged ground, and found that my feet don’t slip around, nor do I feel unstable when running in them. The soles are great. Very grippy, unlike my last pair of sandals.

The straps seem to dry quite quickly (they’re made of synthetic leather), and are lined with neoprene to limit chafing. I did have a couple of sore spots on my little toes after walking in them in the rain, but this was when they were quite new.

The ‘Deepdish’ contoured footbed is really comfortable. It feels soft, but without being slippy, and almost feels like it moulds to your foot. Apparently they also have Microban antibacterial odour protection too, but I wouldn’t know how good that is, as women don’t have smelly feet, do they?!

The only real problem I have had with these sandals is with the clips when I wanted to kneel down. Whilst camping, I spent a lot of time on my knees cooking and preparing food, and the clips were really uncomfortable- digging into my foot. This obviously isn’t a huge problem, with the shoes not primarily designed for camping, but something that was a bit irritating. I ended up wearing them with the clips undone when going in and out of the tent, and they were very secure without being done up properly.

The RRP for these shoes is £45, and I would say that this is a fair price for a good quality and good performance shoe. They are also vegan friendly, which is always good to see. 


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