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Wednesday 30th August 2006

The first time I really noticed the difference a brush can make on a boulder problem was in Font a few years ago.

A group of us were attempting a problem which involved a snatch to a sloping hold. Nobody could do it until one guy gave the hold a brush – he got it next go. Nobody got it until somebody brushed it and hey presto, next go! The problem never went without a brush beforehand.

So, in summary a decent brush can make the difference between a send or a cry in the corner…The Lapis Brush is more than a decent brush. It’s a very good brush for indoors or outdoors.

The Lapis has natural (horse hair) bristles which cleans the holds of chalk and dirt a little easier than stiffer nylon brushes. The soft bristles also, and more importantly, reduce potential damage to the rock.

The brush handle will fit into the ‘holding attachment’ on the majority of bouldering chalk bags so it’s easy to carry and hard to lose.

A wide head makes it easy to clean large sloping holds and a strong handle makes it less likely to break (has happened to me when using an old toothbrush!)

The only negative is that its wide head also makes it harder to clean pockets or small crimps – a small brush head on the other end of the handle would sort this out.

I use a couple of different brushes when bouldering and the Lapis is certainly the first one out when a hold needs a recommendation you can’t get better than that

Price RRP: £3.75

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