Haglofs Actives Regular Base Layer

Review by Nik Cook
Monday 25th February 2013

Haglofs Actives Regular Base Layer






Pulling on this baselayer from Haglofs for the first time, it strikes you as being incredibly soft for a synthetic and the micro grid fabric waffled inside feels great against your skin. The fit strikes a good balance between being fitted enough to wick effectively but not looking sprayed on and there’s plenty of length in both the arms and the lower back.


Out on cold (0-5C) days and worn under a softshell, it insulates well above its 163 g (Large) weight and the waffles seem very effective at trapping air and keeping a pleasantly toasty layer. Wicking is good and, with some venting when climbing, it stays dry to the touch even when working reasonably hard. 


As the temperature creeps up and you ditch the shell layer, the base continues to impress. You don’t feel at all self-conscious wearing it on its own and it proves itself to be an extremely versatile top that keeps you comfortable in a wide range of conditions. It keeps you warm in the cold but you certainly wouldn’t overheat wearing it for spring or early summer runs either.


It seems to be fairly durable and, after a couple of months of fairly intensive use, isn’t showing any significant signs of wear or tear. Flat lock and offset seams throughout mean no chafing and so far its been 100% nipple friendly. The Polygiene Natural Silver Salt treatment is keeping any odours at bay and, even at the end of a 4 hour run under a waterproof, it wasn’t daisy fresh but was far from offensive either. 


The only downside is that for a synthetic base layer it is fairly expensive but on balance it’s versatile and durable enough to justify the spend. I can certainly see myself getting a lot of use out of it as we head into spring. 

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