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Thursday 16th March 2006
As a climber and outdoor activist for nearly a decade, I’ve worn my fair share of baselayers. I realised long ago that a t-shirt does not ‘cut the mustard’ when the temperatures drop and you’re still on the mountain. A good quality baselayer is worth its weight in gold.

The GoLite DriMove Long Sleeve Top is another addition to the competitive baselayer market and it is one that has found a relevant place in my outdoor layering system.

As someone who enjoys a number of outdoor sports I tend to use different baselayers for different sports. For climbing I look for a top that’s warn and long enough to go well below a harness and thus wont ride up. If I’m going out running, I pick one that’s lightweight, very breathable and wont ‘cling’ to the body.

The GoLite DriMove Long Sleeve Top fits into the latter section and it is excellent as a running top. The DriMove material is excellent at wicking moisture away from the body while the raglan sleeves and flat seams construction makes it a very comfortable top to wear.

The crew neck does not give any extra venting options (as there is no zip) but it does make it lighter. At 170g this is one of the lightest baselayers you will find on the market and its lightweight is definitely a big positive. It's certainly easy to wear and easy to carry, rolling up into practically nothing.

Summary: An excellent baselayer for running or active sports but not a top for climbing as its too short in length to provide protection for the body’s ‘core’. Very light and comfortable to wear.

  • Weight: 170g
  • Material: GoLite DriMove
  • RRP: £17.50
  • Versions: Male & Women's version (Women's version available within planetFear here)


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