Geko 201

Review by planetFear
Monday 28th January 2008


Garmin Geko 201

I was looking for a GPS that would be extremely light, that I could program waypoints into, would record a data track of where and when I had been and would give me an accurate altitude reading. A little bit of research later and I was fairly confident that the Gamin Geko 201 would be the GPS for me. It’s a tiny hand-held GPS (about the same size as a mobile phone) that provides basic GPS functionality at a great price.

In use, the Geko 201 has performed all of these tasks admirably. First off, programming in waypoints is easy, if a little time consuming. You can select a waypoint using mapping software (I used Memory Map) and then up load that information onto the GPS, or you can hold down the ‘OK’ bottom to mark your current location as a waypoint and then edit the grid reference to your desired location. The time consuming aspect is due to the simple interface which makes naming your waypoint (or editing the grid reference) a painstaking process.


Whenever the GPS is on it will be recording your ‘data track’. This information can then be loaded into mapping software (again I’ve used Memory Map) and even Goggle Earth. Again, a nice a simple process. Finally, one of the five screens on the 201 is customisable and I have set it up to display my current Altitude, Location (British OS grid reference), Heading (north, south etc) and Trip Odometer.

It is not possible to actually display map images on the screen of the Geko 201, which is a very popular GPS feature. However, I bought my Geko 201 for a great price and I’ve got exactly what I wanted; a GPS that can back up my ‘map and compass’ navigation if required.

It’s fairly simple to use and comes with a comprehensive manual. What helped speed me through the learning process however, was the extremely good telephone support service from Garmin, which I can not recommend highly enough.

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