Edelrid Sartorius Harness

Review by Heather Dawe
Monday 22nd December 2008

The Edelrid Sartorius D


This is a light weight climbing harness, great for adventure racing, cragging, winter climbing and Alpine routes.

The Sartorious D is Edelrid’s latest take on the mysterious category of  'alpine sport harness'. And an impressive take it is too – this harness is a great all rounder that covers loads of different types of rock climbing and mountaineering really well.  

Team Inov-8 (read the Inov-8 blog on planetFear here) used these harnesses during our successful raid on the Saab Salomon Mountain-X race (MXR) back in the summer. Amongst other alpine sport disciplines, the MXR had us dangling around all over the place - high level mountaineering on the Mont Blanc Massif, cragging on limestone above the Col du Colombiere, canyoning near Annecy and Via Ferrata in an awesome setting overlooking the big white hill.

The Sartorious D weighs in at 300g and still manages to have a full set of gear loops, leg loop adjusters and padding in the belt and leg loops. As such it is comfy and adjusts to fit all sorts of different situations - whether it be sport climbing in just a pair of shorts or winter mountaineering wearing a multitude of layers. The leg adjusters are really simple to use with the easy glide buckles and it is quick to put on and take off – important for fast-moving adventure racing.

I have used other lightweight harnesses for adventure racing and – whilst there are lighter ones on the market – this is one of the most versatile harnesses I have ever used. As a former obsessive rock climber who still occasionally dabbles, this is a great harness for cragging and winter climbing as well as the abseiling off buildings and canyoning I find myself doing in Rat Races, Open24s and the like.

If you are a rock climber and mountaineer looking for a harness that can cope with lots of different types of climbing and/or an adventure racer looking for a bit of comfort and gear loops in a light weight package, then I heartily recommend this harness.  

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