Driclime Windshirt

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Thursday 4th January 2007

Marmot's famous soft wicking Driclime® is the 'original softshell'...

If there’s one piece of clothing I always take wherever I go (ok, apart from my pants), it’s the humble windproof. For ‘weight to comfort’ this type of garment is hard to beat. No matter how stringent your requirements, there’s always room for that rustling bit of nylon – whether stuffed into a daypack or clipped to your harness. What else so light and small can make such a difference to your comfort, whether cycling a long descent or enduring a blustery belay?

I confess to having worn some diabolical outdoor clothing. My current windproof was bought in the 1990s for the ridiculous price of £2.99. It is of course a ridiculous piece of clothing and let’s just say I was delighted to get hold of the Marmot Driclime Windshirt as a long-overdue replacement!

The first thing you notice when picking up the Driclime is how light and soft it is. This garment is much more than a piece of nylon – with more the swish of silk than the crackle of a crisp packet! There’s a thin fleecy liner that wicks away moisture and prevents that unpleasantly cold ‘wet clingfilm’ feeling if you’re caught in heavy rain. This of course makes the windshirt a little heavier than a pure lightweight windproof, but at ~350g that’s easily a weight I can live with, and the Driclime therefore offers that bit more protection from the elements. The outer fabric (i.e. the windproof bit) is also mildly water repellant, so light rain beads off nicely. (It remains to be seen how long that effect lasts...)

The cut looks good and fits snugly, and I like the two-tone colour scheme. The jacket is quite short at the back – ideal for wearing with a harness – and there is a small split at the bottom of each side to aid movement. The front zip is full length and there is a useful zipped chest pocket (14cm x 14cm) on the left hand side. There are diamond-shaped mesh vents under each arm (unzipped).

I’ve worn this top for winter jogging, ponsing about on rock and for biking, and I’m very pleased with its performance (if not my own). The old £2.99 windproof is finally binned!

The Driclime Windshirt is not a jacket high on features, but that’s not what it’s about. Yes it’s functional, but it’s also stylish and well constructed. It’s a great bit of kit to wear or take with you if the weather’s predominantly dry and you want to go light, but if you’re not sure what the wind is up to, or how the temp will change at dusk. This could make the difference between an enjoyable experience and a miserable one. So I’m taking it everywhere!

(Note there is a specific ladies model too.)

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