Dosage IV DVD

Review by Alan Reid
Tuesday 6th February 2007
Dosage 4 is the latest release from BigUp Productions and follows on in the highly popular and acclaimed Dosage series.

If you've never seen any of the Dosage series, then straight away I would recommend getting a hold of Dosage 1 which is a superb climbing movie. Dosage 2 & 3 are also excellent climbing films but never quite lived up to the first one, just missing that 'something' which set the first out from the rest. With Dosage 4, Josh Lowell has again come up trumps with a brilliant climbing film.

The Dosage name comes from the series of 'doses' of climbing shown, so instead of one area covered or one person, it instead shows doses of climbing footage from around the world. In this way, there is not a pure focus on one aspect of the sport. This is a great way to create a climbing film as whatever you're into you can pretty much find it here; plus, once watched, you can dip into your favourite parts.

Dosage 4 features five doses:

Dreamcatcher shows Chris Sharma once again climb a stunning sport route, this time in Squamish, with both the climbing and filming top notch. Guaranteed to make you pause and rewind to see how the hell he holds on to some of the holds. Superb.

Return to Swizzy: Again Sharma with Dave Graham go on a rampage in Switzerland. Includes Dave Graham's ascent of 'Coup de Grace' (9a+) which in Dosage 3 we saw him working. Again, a stunning line and incredible climbing. Also features a lot of bouldering in stunning locations. Again Sharma shows his vicious strength in one of those 'how did he do that' moments.

Gaia: Lisa Rands returns to the Peak District and sets a new standard for female hard grit. Instead of the usual easy ascent, we see the whole process from start to finish. Lisa also explains why she keeps returning to England and the grit and how 'that' starting scene in the film Hard Grit affected her mental preparation for her ascent.

Hueco 06: Sharma and Graham once again set new standards on hard bouldering. Ben Moon also pops up to show he can still crank with the youngsters. Probably the closest dose to other climbing films as it's just a series of hard boulder problems. Still good though.

Two in a day: This is one of my highlights of Dosage 4 and could easily sit by itself as its own film as it showcases a historic moment in climbing as Tommy Caldwell successfully free climbs 2 routes on El Cap (The Nose & Freerider) in a day! Filming on El Cap must be horrendous to organise and Josh Lowell does well in getting all the main crux pitches filmed.

What really makes this dose stand out is the filming of Tommy Caldwell as he slowly starts to tire and fade as the day goes on. It's an excellent insight into top end climbing and the mental and physical abuse the body takes.The magnitude of this achievement is astonishing - 60 pitches, 6000 feet of climbing, 5.14a / 8b crux in 24 hours! Caldwell is truly at the top of his game here and it's a cracking piece of film.

Extras: Include outtakes and some more bouldering from Hueco and Switzerland. Would have been nice to see some more on the preparation of filming two in a day.

Soundtrack: As always on BigUp productions, the soundtrack is fantastic. Never too much to drown out the climbing and never just one type of music. Always changing and always well placed. Good tunes that certainly enhance the film.

Overall, Dosage 4 is an excellent climbing film and definitely one of the best out there. Certainly one I will continue to come back to - and as a compliment, you can't get much better than that.

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