Climbing Wall Essentials - The BMC Review

Review by Dave MacFarlane
Wednesday 19th October 2011

The BMC's newest film is the fifth in the successful line of ‘Essentials' instructional DVD's, with titles previously covering Hillwalking, Alpine Climbing, Off Piste Skiing and Winter Climbing.

The BMC have attempted to cover all the basics of getting to grips with climbing indoors and having seen some pretty dubious practices at walls over the years and been subject to some of my own mistakes, the DVD succesfully lays down what is good and back practice without going in to so much detail that it would deter the newcomer to start climbing indoors.

This is perhaps the potential drawback of the DVD though as it seems so distinctly focussed at those getting in to climbing and of introducing more participants to the sport that it endangers itself of leaving those with more knowledge wondering what's in it for them.

Production quality is good and the techniques and methods are clearly stated and explained with close up shots for clarity. It deals with everything you'll need from walking through the door, to developing your technique to be a proficient indoor climber, with help and advice on what to do if you feel motivated towards competitions or taking your climbing outdoors.



A perfect DVD for getting beginner climbers acquainted with the sport, however The BMC's statement that the ‘DVD is a must for any enthusiastic indoor climber, no matter what stage they are at in their climbing development' is perhaps a tad generous, I'm not aware of many intermediate climbers who would feel they'd got their money's worth if they'd just spent £16.00 on this DVD.

In summary when aimed at the right audience Climbing Wall Essentials is a fantastic DVD for those who have just got in to the sport or are thinking of beginning, but if you've been climbing for more than 6-12 months there's probably not going to be a lot in there of use to you.

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