Classic Marathon 25L

Review by planetFear
Sunday 17th June 2007

Having owned the old Kimmlite AR25, I was pleased to get to play with the new OMM classic 25 last summer. I have used it religiously as my main pack for running, walking, biking and general use on pretty much every occasion since then.

Based on the old pack, and styled to mirror the larger Classic 32l, the pack is a 25 litre, single compartment, top loading sack, in a conventional design. Made from the already proven lightweight fabric, it features (as you would expect) hip belt pockets, external zip lid pocket, mesh lid pocket, mesh ‘wand’ side pockets and an elastic compression system.

Aimed primarily at Mountain marathons and Adventure races, it aim is to be light and functional which this pack certainly delivers – a working weight somewhere around the 600gms, and can be stripped to reduce this.

This year Mike Parsons has brought some interesting concepts on board, including the Universal Gear Rail (UGR). This is a length of 20mm nylon web, sewn horizontally across the lower front of the pack, and allows straps to be added, facilitating the carriage of ice axes, walking poles and anything else you can lash on. The front features a simplified and permanent version of the Multi Sport Compressor used on the larger packs, this mesh panel mounted on the front acts a large compressor, but also stretches and allows you to stow a helmet, snow shovel or wet gear. Elastic on the sides also enhances the compression, and the side pockets will easily swallow a small Sigg bottle or a large Nalgene style bottle.

Waist belt pockets are slightly larger this year, and with some reinforced structure, allowing them to be easily accessed ‘on the move’

The pack, although simple, is incredibly comfortable, thick back padding is offered by the nifty removable back pad, which opens out to a thin foam ¾ length sleeping mat, known as the DuoMat this can be increased to ‘full length’ by the optional purchase of another length. The shoulder straps are simple but effective, and I find the overall capacity ideal for my use.

The pack has proved ideal in terms of general use, and easily swallowed my kit on last years OMM. Its functionality can be increased by using the optional ‘front pouch’, a small zip pouch that attatches to any of the OMM/Kimmlite packs made in the last 3 years, again this was invaluable on the OMM, an ideal place to put my camera and nutty bars.

All in all I think the OMM team have done it again, making significant improvements on a trusted pack, without compromising that iconic design


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