CamelBak Arc 4 Hydration Pack

Review by Nik Cook
Tuesday 4th June 2013

CamelBak Arc 4 Hydration Pack





Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones and this running bottle belt from “Bladder Kings” CamelBak is a case in point. The four 240 ml bottles, enough for me for a typical 2 hour run in warm conditions, clip into plastic cages. I’ve tried various fuel/hydration belts over the years using elasticated bottle straps and other mechanisms but none have ticked both boxes of security and easy no look access. These are super secure, I haven’t lost one yet despite some seriously bouncy descending, and, most importantly, are easy to clip and unclip one handed without having to look or do battle with the belt. For such neat and compact hand sized bottles, the mouth is reasonably wide making filling with energy powders easy. The valves are brilliant, delivering a decent gulp of water and, for the bottles you’re not currently drinking out of, there are twist locks to prevent water loss. If you’re just heading out for a shorter run, the cages unclip and I’ve found a one bottle setup is brilliant for those summer evening runs when one hour becomes two. The actual belt is soft elastic webbing and, using velcro to secure, there’s no annoying buckle or clip to dig into you. It’s super stable and you’re only aware you’re carrying it because of the slosh of the water. The zip pocket is plenty big enough for your phone and a couple of gels and, although it obviously hasn’t got enough kit space for full fell epics, for less wild runs up to a couple of hours it’s ideal. 

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