Berghaus Cuesta

Review by planetFear
Wednesday 1st August 2007

These very robust ‘performance approach shoes’, designed with a low profile ‘sports last’, offered excellent all day support whilst walking through rough terrain. One problem with their sturdy make-up was that they caused my feet to heat up relatively quickly when walking in warm weather.
The synthetic suede uppers offered decent protection from light rain; however they didn’t stand up well to some of the heavy rains we’ve been experiencing in the UK lately. The chunky rubber sole gives fantastic grip on rough terrain, and even offered a surprising level of security on wet terrain. They also performed surprisingly well on easy rock climbs and scrambles.

On a purely personal note, I don’t like the colour of them (black and yellow), but they do offer several different colours.

Mine have had considerable use since I got them, and so far they are holding out to my “rigorous testing” in Tasmania, the Pyrenees and the Peak District, and they certainly still give the impression that they will last a lot longer than most other approach shoes I’ve owned.

The Cuesta's in Tasmania.

Although robust they have a high flex-rating, offering a great level of comfort when wearing for prolonged periods, whilst the protective rubber rand covering the toe will ensure that the front end doesn’t wear out prematurely.

If you want a strong, well made, shoe that will last a long time and offer great support and comfort on rough terrain, but you don’t mind the relatively high weight (398g; size 8) then, at £49.99, these would be a good buy.


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