Batons Trail Poles

Review by planetFear
Monday 3rd December 2007

The Raidlght Trail Poles are like no other trekking pole on the market. First and foremost they weigh in at an incredibly light 120g each.

They are designed for trail runners, ultra distance runners and expedition adventure racing where weight is critical but the support of poles on uneven and steep ground can make a big difference.

I’ve been using a pair of 110cm poles and my first impression was that they look rather flimsy! Nothing could be further from the truth as these poles have endured hours of bending, twisting and flexing without a problem. As an example, I fell over whilst the pole was stuck between two rocks, it flexed into bow shape as my weight came on to it, and I was sure it would break… no problem though, as my weight came off again, it sprung back to its original shape. I’ve fallen like this on many occasions now while on rough ground and each time the poles have survived intact.

The handles are comfortable if not a little basic when compared to heavier alternatives on the market. The poles are very easy to put together and pull apart again with an internal cord that tensions the poles when in use. In fact I really like this simple, effective design as I’ve used poles in the past that for no apparent reason suddenly refuse to come apart or collapse back down.

The poles come in to their own when you want to walk fast, whether that be up hill, down hill or on the level. The help maintain a rhythm to your walking the speeds you up and is very difficulty to maintain with out the poles. The poles can’t be used whilst running (certainly not effectively and definitely not if you are running fast) but they do quickly collapse down to be stored in you bag.

Raidlight Trail Poles are a great bit of kit that I’ve found no fault with. Ideal for anyone wanting to go fast and light.

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