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Sunday 17th September 2006

The best thing about my banana guard is that it glows in the dark. Amazing! Handy for emergency mid night snacks, light-saber fights, lighting your way in a tight spot and even protecting bananas! You may laugh now but stumbling around your room in the dark with a rumbling stomach is no laughing matter...

All joking aside, the banana guard does exactly what it says on the tin- it kept my lunch time bananas bruise free and safe in my rucksack. I did find it a bit big, especially when your banana only takes up about two thirds of the guard. However, the extra space is necessary to fit different shapes of bananas in and, true to the manufacturer’s claim; it does seem to fit every type of banana in it. Extensive and rigorous testing of this was carried out. (Many thanks to Tesco)

These are a great idea and have that unusual quality of both making you laugh and being useful. The glow in the dark ones are best.

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