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Men's Health Survival of the Fittest Edinburgh

Sunday 20th October 2013

2013 will again see the MH Survival Series travel to cities in Scotland, England and Wales for the Tri Nations Challenge before being followed up in November by 2 finales: One in London and one in Manchester. National pride is at stake as we invite Survivors from across the Land to front up to the challenge. The 2012 Scottish Survival event echoed the previous year's sell-out success and 3100 Scotsmen and women took to the streets of Auld Reekie for this epic dash around town, replete with the now trade-mark Survival "Braveheart Charge" down the Royal Mile to kick off the race.


The Event Village will again be located at West Princes Street Gardens in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle. This is a stunning setting for our Edinburgh event and please feel free to invite friends, family and supporters along to enjoy the atmosphere on the day, together with amazing views up to Edinburgh Castle towering above us.


From a base centrally located in Princes Street Gardens, we will be taking you up, down and all over Edinburgh. This is the hilly one and you should expect some healthy gradient in this event. Practise your ups and your downs and make sure you are ready to keep going even when your legs are telling you to stop. From the drama of the volcanic skyline and the stunning city centre parks, to the old and eery cityscape of the Medieval Old Town, this is an adventure at the very core of Auld Reekie and a route that will catapult you along a roller coaster of 1000 years of proud Scottish history. For 2013, expect for the most part the same stunning route as 2012, but watch out for new obstacles alongside some of the old favourites that we will be rolling out this year. As ever in Edinburgh, the changing city skyline might mean a visit to a different venue or two as sites fall in and out of use across the city.


All this Survivin' is thirsty work. We will be setting up beer tent at the event site once more in Princes Street Gardens. We will be serving up ice-cold beer and real ales and the beer tent will be open until you are all safely home. If 2012's innings is anything to go by, we'll be needing to talk to the nice man at the Brewery to set aside a good few barrels, as you decimated the beer in 2012!


Edinburgh is served from the South by the A1 main London - Edinburgh road and from Glasgow and the central belt of the Scotland by the M8. From the north, the M9 converges on the city from Stirling and Perth and the A90 gets you there from the Scottish East coast, Dundee and Aberdeen.

Direct connections from London King's Cross and the East Coast main line have you in Edinburgh within 4.5 hours from London and Edinburgh is served quickly and easily from Newcastle, York, Birmingham, Manchester and the South West via direct trains from Bristol, Bournemouth and beyond. With Sleeper services also available overnight from London Euston, you can even board your train at midnight the night before Survival and arrive in Edinburgh Waverley station fresh for breakfast and a quick walk to the event village in plenty of time for Registration on the day of the event!

Edinburgh has an international airport which receives frequent inbound international and domestic flights. Connections to the city centre are made via a frequent airport shuttle bus (every 15 mins).

There is plenty to choose from in Edinburgh. From super stylish options in the Georgian New Town, to rough and ready uber-atmospheric Old Town hostels, there is a good deal of choice. Try for a full run-down of options, plus superb info on what's on around town and further afield in Scotland.

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