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Haglofs Open 5 Series - South Downs

Sunday 2nd December 2012

An Open5 is an Adventure Racing style event where you visit as many points (controls) as you can by bike and on foot within a 5 hour time limit. There are five entry categories; male and female solo; male, female and mixed pairs. You navigate to each control location using an OS map with pre-printed controls on it (see example map extract on the right). Each control is assigned a value that you get when you start (see example control sheet extract on the right). But beware - some controls are not live, so you can't completely plan your route before you start! The winner is the person who has collected the most points. You can make the event as hard or as easy as you like as there are no fixed routes. You can either run or bike first - it's up to you.

The total time for the event is 5 hours. How you decide to split the time between the run and MTB stage is down to personal preference and strengths. Typically, competitors will aim to spend 2 hours on the run and 3 hours on the bike. You must collect at least one control from each discipline which can only be undertaken once.

The events are usually held in areas which provide a good challenge for beginners as well as regulars. We like to select interesting locations which have natural beauty for our events. Controls are located on paths and tracks of mixed-terrain and self-navigational around your chosen route is a key aspect. The emphasis is on having a fun day out at your own pace.




More details available on the Open Adventure website>  

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