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Great Lakeland 3 Day

Saturday 4th May 2013

The GL3DTM will take place on the 4th, 5th and 6th May 2013 in the Lake District.

The GL3DTM is a small but adventurous three-day mountain marathon with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that attracts both runners and long-distance walkers. Over the years the event has built up a dedicated following of competitors who enjoy the challenge of three long, consecutive days in the hills.

The big change for 2013 is the introduction of two new courses and the option to enter as either a pair or solo competitor. Previously, all competitors were solo and shared one course, which averaged about 26 miles each day with considerable height gain. It was roughly equivalent to an Elite mountain marathon course in terms of difficulty. We will now be offering two additional courses that are similar to an A and B course at a mountain marathon.

This means that competitors can choose from either an Elite, A or B course. The really exciting component of the GL3DTM is that competitors simply enter the event, and then choose whichever course they prefer on the day. This could either be Elite for all three days, Elite, B then A or any ‘mix-and-match' combination. All competitors will still share the same overnight camp.

Rather than complex navigation, the emphasis is on long mountain journeys, spectacular scenery and enjoying an amazing mountain experience. Competitors should expect mountain trails and footpaths, along ridges and through valleys, rather than contouring and bogs.

The course is usually triangular, so competitors start and finish in the same location - just three days apart! So that participants can get maximum enjoyment, we transport their overnight equipment between each camp.

Competitors should be prepared for 6 to 12 hours on the hill each day, be competent mountain runners or walkers with the ability to navigate and be totally self reliant. The first day is generally a little longer and the last day a little shorter. The friendly nature of the GL3DTM means that many solo competitors join into informal groups to share each day on the hill. Although some competitors race, there are no prizes, just the respect of your peers for finishing!

The relaxed atmosphere of the event is best summed up in the flexible starting arrangements; each morning participants simply pack up their kit (which is then transported) and set off between 0700 and 1000. The faster competitors usually start last, whilst the slower competitors start earlier. Tea, cakes and beer are provided for free at the end of each day. Hot water is available both mornings and evenings.

The GL3DTM always takes place on the first Bank Holiday weekend of May and usually enjoys fantastic weather.


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